Scared accepted to Fort Myers Film Festival

Fort Myers Film Festival LogoWe are proud to announce that Scared, our short film starring Charity Wakefield, Frances Millar and Endaf Eynon Davies, has been accepted to the Fort Myers Film Festival.


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Lotus: a short film about human connection produced by Helen Bolter at The Moirae Films, written and directed by Hillary Pierce. The script weaves the stories of six diverse Londoners together to convey the loneliness that is inevitable when living in a city like London. The film’s intention is to inspire people to reach out to one another.

Stars Siobhan Hewlett (Hummingbird, Sherlock) and Alec Utgoff (Jack Ryan, The Seasoning House, World War z, The Tourist)

Cinematographer Seb Solberg :

Shot on location at the Tricycle Theatre in London, November 2013 and currently in post.

It is being edited by gifted editor Erline O’Donovan

Click here for the Lotus Facebook page 

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Memento Vitae selected for London Short Film Festival

London Short Film Festival logo

We are proud to announce that Memento Vitae, the first documentary from The Moirae Films, co-produced with Charlie Foxtrot Pictures and edited by Sue Outlaw at Films@59 in Bristol, has been selected for the London Short Film Festival.

Memento Vitae is a documentary short that paints a delicate and vibrant portrait of Patricia. It explores the human capacity to attach memory to the physical objects we collect and keep. Through this moving encounter we discover how love and loss can be held on to and contemplate the process of letting go.
Crew photo with Patricia

Crew photo with Patricia, the wonderful subject of this quirky and touching short.

The industry screening was in London, in October 2013.
The Directors and Producers

The Directors and Producers. L-R: Charlie Foxtrot’s Frances Millar, The Moirae Films’ Helen Bolter, Charlie Foxtrot’s Charity Wakefield.


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Memento Vitae

Coming soon: A short documentary from The Moirae Films.

Memento Vitae has been co-produced with Charity Wakefield and Frances Millar of Charlie Foxtrot Pictures.   Charlie Foxtrot Pictures is a branch of Charlie Foxtrot Vintage and you can see their Facebook page here:

The documentary has been completed and we will be hosting an industry screening in London, this October.

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An empty warehouse. Two young women have kidnapped a man. One woman is clearly having more fun than the other. As the pair wait for the right time to call in, the situation gets out of hand. What ensues is a dangerous power play between the two women that could easily escalate, with dramatic consequences.

Three people. One room. No winner.

Starring Charity Wakefield, Frances Millar and Endaf Eynon Davies
Directed by Darryl O’Donovan
Story by Erline O’Donovan
Produced by Helen Bolter

2012 © The Moirae Films

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The Moirae Film

The Moirae is the first short film produced by our company and is the inspiration for the company’s name.

The Moirae are the Greek Goddesses of fate – they control the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal being from birth to death.

The film was shot in Yatton, in North Somerset, and on Pensford Viaduct.

Pensford Viaduct in dawn mist

Photo: Seb Solberg

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